What We Can Do For Your Cab

Equipment Cab maintenance

The cab is the control center of your heavy equipment, and it’s where your workers spend most of their time. Cab repairs from Thompson Machinery ensure the operator always has control over the machine and feels comfortable while working.

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What We Can Do for Your Cab

Heavy equipment cabs use intricate wiring and continuous processes during machine use, making them mission-critical assemblies. As the control center of your machinery, they need to be in working order for your equipment to operate at its best.

When you notice operator issues inside your cab, you can visit one of our shops for a tuneup. Today’s equipment includes powerful technology and operator comfort as main features. We can perform these cab-related services:

  • Electrical repairs: Your equipment’s electrical system controls the entire machine’s performance. Our technicians can repair your wiring, starter, alternator, or computer system.
  • Technology and diagnostics: Modern machines’ electrical systems contain detailed diagnostic information that we can obtain and understand. We can pinpoint your equipment’s issue using today’s technology.
  • Fluid analysis: Our technicians can check vital fluids to figure out your equipment’s condition. Let us analyze your oil, coolant, and fuel for any issues.
  • Battery maintenance: Whether your battery needs repair or replacement, we can have it working in top condition. We can also help you develop a replacement plan as part of preventive maintenance.
  • Air conditioning repairs: A comfortable cab makes it easier for your operators to perform quality work. We can fix your air conditioning to maximize your productivity.

The Benefits of a Serviced Cab

The cab is as vital to your machinery as the engine. When you trust us with your cab service and repair, you experience benefits like:

  • Fine-tuned controls: When electrical issues arise in the cab, handling your tools may not be as easy or productive as a fully functioning machine. When you service your cab, you ensure your controls are working as they should.
  • Operator comfort: Workers put in long hours. When the air conditioner runs smoothly, they can stay cool and comfortable while operating the equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance: An array of problems can originate from small fluid or electrical issues. Servicing your cab will prevent the need for additional expensive repairs in the future.

Find a Location Close to You

Cab service is part of our in-shop repair offerings. We have locations throughout Tennessee and Mississippi, offering accessibility for your fleet. At every one of our shops, we have a full staff of experienced technicians prepared to handle your cab needs. With the latest technology in diagnostic repair tools, we can find the right solution to your problem.

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At Thompson Machinery, we have the resources and expertise to get your cab back to like-new condition. Gain better control and improve operator comfort with our various service options. And if you need other shop services, you can count on us to handle the job. Contact us today to schedule your cab repair.

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