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Chassis Service At Thompson Machinery

As the foundation of your heavy equipment, the chassis is responsible for many functions of your machinery. When parts fail to function, the operator may lose control of the vehicle and feel uncomfortable during use. Work with Thompson Machinery to keep your chassis in good working order.

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What We Can Do for Your Chassis

Chassis components ensure that you control your equipment smoothly. Let us repair or maintain these vital systems as part of your equipment maintenance:

  • Steering: Every piece of vehicular equipment needs accurate and easy-to-control steering. We can detect the source of your steering issue to resolve the underlying cause.
  • Suspension: A damaged suspension system can add excess wear to tires and make rides uncomfortable. Our experts will fix your suspension issues to give you a smooth ride.
  • Brakes: Functioning brakes serve as one of the most important elements of your equipment. Let us take care of any brake issues right away to help ensure your safety and compliance.

When all the chassis elements are in working order, your equipment can work more efficiently and last longer.

Improve Your Machinery’s Safety

The chassis plays a significant role in the safety of your vehicle. Brakes ensure you can stop your machine and control your speed on-the-job. Suspension protects your tires, and the steering system controls the equipment. If any of these elements malfunction, you put your equipment and your team at risk.

Functional brakes are crucial to your fleet’s compliance. Government regulations require a certain standard for brake performance to ensure your operation is safe. When you visit one of our shops for chassis repair and service, our trained technicians will perform all of the necessary diagnostics on your brakes. We’ll confirm you’re meeting federal regulations, so you have peace-of-mind regarding your fleet’s compliance.

Malfunctioning brakes present an immediate risk, and suspension can wear out over time. As it wears out, your tires bear more of the equipment’s weight, and they begin to wear down. You may find yourself frequently replacing your tires or losing control during operation because they can’t maintain pressure. We’ll treat your suspension with the same care as your brakes, and make sure it performs to your machine’s standards.

Create Greater Comfort and Control

Chassis components manage the safety of your vehicle, as well as comfort and control. When your suspension wears out, your equipment’s movements become bumpy and uneven. The operator may not tolerate these rough movements for long periods, which could affect productivity. When we repair your suspension, users enjoy a smooth ride all day long.

Equipment control is vital to efficiency and performance. When an operator struggles to control a machine, jobs take more time, and they can go wrong. All chassis components affect control, especially the steering mechanism. If your equipment loses steering sensitivity, it won’t perform to your standards. With our diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, we’ll fix the faults in your steering and get you back in control.

Visit One of Our Locations for Repair or Maintenance

We have shop locations throughout Tennessee and Mississippi to offer convenience and accessibility to your fleet. Find a location near you, and we’ll repair your chassis components or provide preventive maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

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Thompson Machinery has the tools and expertise to repair and maintain your heavy equipment chassis. Trust us for machinery control and safety, and check out our other shop services to tune up your equipment. Contact us today to schedule a chassis repair at one of our many conveinent locations.

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