Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

The hydraulic cylinder is a valuable part of any heavy machinery. When it comes to Cat® equipment, they’re designed to handle the most challenging jobs at high efficiency. However, these parts are also susceptible to leaking.

Hydraulic cylinders sustain damage over time, and they can reduce productivity considerably before you even know there’s a problem. When you sense a hydraulic issue, contact Thompson Machinery right away for a comprehensive repair.

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We Have the Solutions for Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

When you come to us with a hydraulic cylinder issue, we’ll start by deciding if your part is damaged or broken. Once we determine what your cylinder requires, we’ll create a plan of action.

For damaged hydraulic cylinders, our technicians can take small steps to improve the part’s quality and lengthen its lifespan. If your cylinder is broken, we can offer you a few options based on your budget and timeline. We can rebuild your hydraulic cylinder, replace it with a Reman part, or replace it with a new one.

Caterpillar and our trained technicians offer a range of solutions so you can find what works best for you. While rebuilding the part takes more time, it’s the more economical option when you need it. Cat Reman replacements are quick to install and accessibly priced, and new parts will give you that fresh Cat performance you’ve come to expect.

When you come to us for hydraulic cylinder service, we’ll discuss your options to help you land on the best move for your resources. With a complete range of capabilities, we can be your one-stop shop for:

  • Tooling: We can remove the nut from any size cylinder rod and precisely retorque it when finished
  • Reseal and Hone: After applying a high-quality seal, our technicians will light-hone your cylinder to extend the life of the new seal, reduce friction and heat, and boost your cylinder’s performance
  • Re-Rod and Re-Tube: When necessary, we have the experience to fabricate a new component and back it up with a guarantee

If we repair or rebuild your cylinder, we’ll test our work to ensure you’re receiving the best possible results.

Cat-Certified Shops for Clean Repairs

A majority of hydraulic failures come from contamination, causing reduced efficiency and performance over time. While Cat hydraulic systems have tight tolerances to handle high hydraulic pressures and productivity, contaminants are small and difficult to avoid.

The Thompson Machinery team works in our Cat-Certified shops to ensure contaminant-free repair. You can’t always stop contamination on the job, but we make sure to prevent it in our space. We use clean oils and specialized tools to keep your cylinder free from harmful impurities.

We have locations across Tennessee and Mississippi, so you can find a hydraulic cylinder repair shop near you.

A Dedicated Team for Ultimate Support

At Thompson Machinery, our technicians dedicate themselves to effective repairs and expert advice. We’ll provide any service your hydraulic cylinder needs, and our technicians are always ready to answer your questions about the process.

Our customer service representatives are available to you 24/7, which means you can always contact us to schedule service. With quick response times and efficient repair processes, we’ll have your equipment back in the field in no time.

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Thomas Machinery provides the expertise you need to keep your hydraulic cylinders functional and efficient. Contact us today to schedule repair service at one of our locations.

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