Field and Shop Hydraulic Service

Hydraulic Service for Construction Equipment

When your machines are hard at work, the hydraulic system may start to slow down or fail. When you need assistance right away, you can contact Thompson Machinery for on-site hydraulic service.

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What We Can Do On-site

Hydraulic technology has vastly improved over the years, making it crucial to your heavy equipment’s functionality. Even with advances in technology, this system is still subject to wear over time. When you encounter a hydraulics issue while in the field, you can call our team to meet you on-site and fix the problem.

While more extensive repairs and replacements should stay in the shop, our field services encompass a few different processes. We can bring our diagnostic tools to your site for hydraulics optimization to ensure your system runs as efficiently as possible. We also offer inspections and contamination checks.

Contamination is one of the biggest culprits of hydraulic leaks and failures. Our on-site hydraulic service includes a sweep for contaminants at your site and a quick cleaning of impurities from your cylinders. Our inspections and optimizations confirm your setup is in good shape and support productivity on the job.

For moments when you need an immediate productivity boost, contact us for hydraulic maintenance and inspections.

The Advantages of Field Service

When you’re in the middle of a job and you experience a malfunction, getting to a nearby shop can interrupt your workflow and push your deadline. Field service is:

  • Immediate: When you’re working on a strict production schedule, taking the time to get your equipment to the shop reduces productivity and extends your job’s timeline. On-site service will get you up and running as soon as possible.
  • Economical: Transporting your heavy machinery to a shop can be expensive, and if you’re taking time out of your schedule to do it, you’re losing money. With field service, the repairs come to you.
  • Simple: Sidestepping transportation costs also reduces the hassle of moving your schedule around, loading your equipment onto a truck, and finding a shop closest to you. With on-site repairs, you don’t have to think twice about making the call.
  • Precautionary: Sometimes, moving your equipment when it’s broken or faulty can cause additional damage. On-site service can be in the best interest of your machinery when you’re looking to prevent additional issues.

Support You Can Trust From Thompson Machinery

At Thompson Machinery, our team of dedicated and trained technicians will offer the solutions you need for hydraulic field repairs. With 50 field response vehicles and over 200 technicians, we’ll provide our services wherever you are.

We have the advanced tools and expertise necessary to get the job done. When you need onsite hydraulic repairs, we’re the place to go.

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When you call Thompson Machinery for on-site service, you can expect a team of educated technicians with a solution to your problem. Count on us to meet you in the field when you need it, and refer to our various shop locations if you ever need an in-depth repair. Contact us today to learn more.

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