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The power train is the component that gives your heavy equipment its hard-working performance. When you encounter power train malfunctions, you reduce productivity and put your machine at risk. Count on Thompson Machinery for repairs of this vital part.

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What We Can Do for Your Power Train

The engine makes up just one part of the power train, the powerhouse of your machine. We work with these parts to ensure smooth operation:

  • Clutch: Clutch damage makes it difficult to change gears and slows productivity. Let us help you change gears smoothly again.
  • Transmission: A failing transmission can cause damage to the rest of your machine. We can repair your transmission and maintain it to keep the rest of the equipment in working condition.
  • Differentials: Allow us to keep your differentials in top condition to ensure that you can control your equipment smoothly.
  • Drivelines: We can also repair your entire driveline when you have control issues unrelated to your engine.

Our factory-trained technicians have all the tools and expertise they need to resolve your power train issues. Whether you need a repair or wish to maintain performance, you can trust us to handle the job.

What Are the Signs of a Failing Power Train?

The power train includes three main elements — the differential, the transmission and the combustion engine. If any of these components start malfunctioning, you’ll notice odd behaviors from your equipment. Pay attention to:

  • Unusual noises: A failing combustion engine may exhibit shallow knocking noises as you operate. When your transmission is low, or your torque converter is defective, you may hear high-pitched whining sounds. Malfunctioning differentials may growl or whine when they’re poorly sealed or locked. Prevent further damage by visiting one of our shops.
  • Leaking fluid: Losing your coolant or noticing other leaks could signify damage to your combustion engine or transmission. Our technicians can patch up leaks and help you maintain your equipment’s quality.
  • A burning smell: When your transmission is old or overheats, it can emit a burning smell. Overheating can be a result of a faulty combustion engine. Keep your equipment safe with a power train tuneup.
  • Difficulty shifting: Low transmission levels or worn gears may make it hard to shift. Improve productivity by getting your power train repaired.

The Benefits of a Maintained Power Train

With the power train serving as the driving force behind your heavy equipment, keeping it well-maintained is essential for the longevity of the entire machine. When you keep your power train in good shape, you can expect:

  • A longer lifespan.
  • Less oil consumption.
  • Low emissions.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Greater power and performance.

Find a Shop Location Near You

We offer power train repair and maintenance as part of our shop services. We have locations in Tennessee and Mississippi for greater convenience. Find a location near you, and get started on improving your equipment performance today.

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At Thompson Machinery, we have the technicians and the tools to handle your most challenging power train repairs. You can rely on us to fix your problems and get your equipment back up and running. Take a look at some of our other shop services and contact us today to schedule power train repairs.

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