Work smarter — not harder!

That’s what construction technology allows you to do, which is why we offer products from Sitech, the leader in construction technology solutions. Upgrade your Cat® Connect tools with these three kits from Sitech:

AccuGrade® Control System

Grade with superior accuracy with AccuGrade. The technology uses an onboard GPS system to give your operators the guidance they need to reduce reworking times. Install AccuGrade on equipment like your:

  • Excavators
  • Scrapers
  • Dozers
  • Compactors
  • Pavers

Use advanced features like laser receivers and angle sensors to boost your operator’s productivity and decrease their grading time further, allowing your crew to finish projects faster. With AccuGrade and Sitech Tri-Rivers  you can update and expand your equipment’s system whenever you want.

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Landfill Technologies

landfill technologiesKeep your team connected and up-to-date with Sitech’s Landfill technologies for Cat Connect. Access data from your computer or smart device, whether you’re in the office or onsite, to review the following equipment information:

  • Payloads
  • Pressures
  • Passes
  • Locations

Improved visibility into your daily operation ensures your crews remain productive and safe, plus alerts supervisors to issues like underweight or overweight payloads. The result is a job site that reaches your performance and safety benchmarks.

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Intelligent Compact Technologies

compactorGive your operators real-time information to compact and pave smarter. Intelligent Compact technologies feature advanced measurements and in-cab guidance so your crew can:

  • Adjust paving and compaction patterns
  • Lower the number of passes required to pave and compact
  • Reduce reworking times
  • Produce more uniformity for paving

More accurate, high-quality jobs raise your company’s reputation. And because Intelligent Compact technologies lower reworking times and the number of materials you use, your costs and project times are lowered. That means you can bid on more projects and provide more of your superior work.

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Install Sitech Solutions With Thompson Machinery & Sitech Tri-Rivers

Outperform your competition with Cat Connect and compatible Sitech solutions. Whether you’re purchasing, renting or upgrading your Cat equipment, our experienced team at Sitech Tri-Rivers is ready to assist you. Contact our family-owned business today to learn more about how Cat Connect and Sitech can help you reach your performance benchmarks.

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