sustainabilityGuarantee Sustainability with Cat Technologies

Business is about more than reliable, high-performance service — it’s also about integrity. That’s why we’ve been a Cat dealer for more than 70 years and why Caterpillar® developed Cat Connect Sustainability. Their state-of-the-art software gives your performance a lift while also building your company’s reputation as a maker of sustainable choices.

Making Equipment Sustainable

Cat Connect makes equipment sustainable by providing you with valuable information from Product Link™ modules on your machines. These modules include information such as:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Idling times
  • Fuel consumption
  • Maintenance notifications

Other technology from Cat Connect — such as for grading, payloads and compaction — helps shorten tasks without a loss in quality and improves your sustainability by lowering project times.

Shorter project lengths reduce the amount of time your equipment is running, burning fuel and releasing emissions. The result is sustainable from an environmental and business perspective because you’re using your fleet efficiently and maximizing its fuel use.

Sustainable actions go beyond your existing equipment to encompass future purchases and rentals. Use Product Link information as well as actionable Equipment Management Services (EMS) advice from your team at Thompson Machinery to:

  • Choose the right equipment for a project
  • Minimize your owning and operating costs
  • Extend your equipment’s life through preventative maintenance
  • Comply with emission standards

Choosing a sustainable path is a choice Cat and our entire team works to make viable, accessible and affordable.

Benefiting From Sustainability

Sustainability benefits your company in several ways. The advantages include:

  • Decreased fuel use and emissions
  • Optimized equipment performance
  • Shortened project times
  • Reduced downtime and equipment wear

Cat Connect provides these benefits through real-time information from onboard technology.

Reaching this level of sustainability and performance was difficult in the past. Extensive monitoring periods were required to understand your fleet’s fuel efficiency. Predicting maintenance was also a challenging task, which resulted in lengthy down times that increased project times.

With Cat Connect and its technologies for safety, sustainability, maintenance, and productivity, it’s now a simple process to gather this valuable data.

Sustain Your Fleet With Thompson Machinery

More than 70 years ago, our team at Thompson Machinery became a Cat dealer. Our services differ because we provide more than reliable, high-performance Cat equipment — we specialize in customer service that’s innovative and offers a high degree of expertise.

Use our team’s experience and knowledge to build your sustainability, reduce your costs and improve your productivity through Cat Connect. We’re equipped to install Product Link and additional software on your existing equipment, so contact us today to learn more.

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