William Farmer Retires From Thompson Machinery

william-farmerAfter almost 15 years of loyal and dedicated service to Thompson Machinery, William Farmer has retired from the company effective December 31, 2016.

William began working with Thompson Machinery in March 2002 as a General Mechanic/Service Shop Technician in the LaVergne Construction Shop.  He brought many years of heavy equipment repair experience with him as he joined the company after working as a mechanic for both Farmer Brothers Excavating and Hurst Construction in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  He quickly established himself as one of the top mechanics in the LaVergne shop, and because of his skill level, was instrumental in our success with rebuild programs for both Vulcan Materials and the Rogers Group.  Over the past several years he has directed yard activities for Construction and Rental equipment.  William always practiced the values our company is based upon and always displayed a work ethic and dedication that is a model for others to follow.

Please join us in congratulating William and wishing him the best as he as he moves into this new chapter in his life.

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