BH130 Backhoe with Smart Technology

  • Exterior View


Maximum Digging Depth
117 in
Operating Weight
2,326 lb
Overall Length
87 in
Stabilizer Spread - Operating Position
71 in
Digging Depth at 610 mm (2 ft)
124 in
Digging Depth at 4220 mm (8 ft)
107 in
Straight Wall Digging Depth
80 in
Overall Operating Height
147 in
Loading Height
97 in
Loading Reach
74 in
Reach From Swing Pivot at Ground Line
159 in
Swing Arc
180 degrees
Bucket Rotation
183 degrees
Bucket Breakout Force
7,013 lb
Stick Breakout Force
3,538 lb
Boom Pivot Height
18 in
Ground Clearance
4 in
Transport Height
101 in
Transport Width
80 in
Required Hydraulics
Standard Flow
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure
180-230 bar (2600-3340 psi)
Total Side Shift Travel
33 in
Interface Type
Skid Steer Coupler
Optimal Hydraulic Flow
50-86 L/min (13-23 gpm)

Smart Attachment

The BH130 Smart Backhoe does more than just turn an indicator light on in the cab; although it does that, too. The first step is attachment recognition. The D3 host machine recognizes that there is a BH130 attached to the machine. This activates a dedicated machine display to allow options for the BH130 to be selected. And as a Smart attachment, the BH130 allows for pattern change. That is, the existing machine joysticks are re-purposed to perform functions on the attachment.


Used in typical backhoe applications such as digging footings, basements, and drainage ditches, utility trenching, back-filling, and maintaining slopes and embankments in construction, industrial, and landscaping settings.

Integrated Controls

Allows operator to use BH130 from within the safety of the cab, without the need to remove the door or any additional hardware.

Compatible with 3 Ton Excavator Attachments

Cat® 3-ton (35-35 mm pin diameter) excavator attachment can be easily used with the BH130.

Mode Selection/Toggle

With the BH130 Smart Backhoe attached, the host machine has two modes: Machine Control mode and Attachment Control Mode.

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Auxiliary hydraulic lines provide auxiliary flow to the end of the stick to operate Mini Hydraulic Excavator hammers, augers, ditch cleaning buckets, thumbs, and vibratory plate compactors.

Pattern Selection

Operator can easily switch the backhoe control pattern to their preference. (Backhoe-SAE, Excavator-ISO). A left lit mode light on the BH130 indicates Backhoe pattern mode, while a right lit mode light indicates excavator mode.

Thumb Mounting

The BH130 comes standard with thumb mounting provisions.

Hydraulic Side Shift

Operated hydraulically, the backhoe attachment can shift left and right quickly and easily without leaving the cab. Allows the backhoe to be used close to walls and other obstacles.

OMM Container

Tool mounted and sealed from the elements, this holder includes all the operation manuals and maintenance guides required for proper operation of the tool.