1140 mm (45 in) Single Tine Bale Spear

  • Exterior View


2,000 lb
Overall Width
51 in
Overall Height
22 in
Overall Depth
57 in
159 lb
Tine Spacing
31 in
Usable Tine Length
45 in
Stabilizer Tine Length
11 in
159 lb
Tine Spacing
32 in
2,004 lb


2,000 lb


Designed for loading and carrying round and square baled materials in agriculture applications. Bales of wheat, hay and other materials can be transported for livestock feed and bedding.

Two Length Options

Two lengths available for specific material handling requirements and operator preference: 990 mm (39 in) or 1245 mm (49 in) tine lengths, single or dual tines.

Stabilizer Spears

Single Bale Spear has two additional stabilizer spears located on the bottom of the frame, ensuring the security of baled material when traveling and loading.

Conical Tapered Tines

A conically tapered tine minimizes opportunity for tine to cling within baled material. Design provides superior productivity when loading and carrying material. Forged tine is heat treated and made of high tensile strength steel for superior strength and durability.