1830mm (60 in) Pallet Fork on 2134mm (84 in) carriage


Carriage Height
53 in
Carriage Width
100 in
Operating Weight
34,716 lb
Tine Length
60", 72", 84", or 96"
Outside Tine Width - Maximum Spread
87 in
Tine Width - Single Tine
7 lb/in
Tine Thickness
4 lb/in
33 in
84 in
Operating Weight
2,092 lb
Fork Tine Length
60 in
Tine Thickness
3 in
Tine Width
6 in
Tine Length
60 in

100% Compliant to ITA Class IV Standards

<ul><li>You get more done when the fork fits the pallet. Fork tines fit International Trucking Association standards for palletized loads, so you know it will work for you.</li><li>Work efficiently on and off trucks, containers and loading docks.</li><li>Rated for ITA standard capacities.</li></ul>

Built to Work for You

<ul><li> You can select from maximum to minimum width – no tools required. Set it and go.</li> <li>The six locking points are evenly spaced, 6.3 in apart.</li> <li>Choose what works best: 60" or 72" non-swinging tines are available to match your typical loads.</li> <li>Compatible with any loader with a Fusion coupler – grab it when you need it. Drop it when you don’t.</li></ul>

Supported by Your Cat Dealer

<ul><li>Get machine for your forks, machine and everything in between from your local Cat dealer.</li> <li>Parts and support available anywhere you work…no matter how far around the world you go.</li></ul>