S308 Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shear

  • Exterior View


Tip Force
43 Sh Ton
Jaw Width - Moving
2 in
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Flow
5 gal/min
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure
3,626 psi
26 in
Jaw Width - Fixed
9 in
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Flow
16 gal/min
Jaw Depth
11 in
Throat Force
204 Sh Ton
Apex Force
73 Sh Ton
Jaw Opening
9 in
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure
2,901 psi
67 in
15 in
Cycle Time - Close
2.5 Seconds
Cycle Time - Open
3.5 Seconds
Shear Arm Torque
103,259 ft·lbf
1,213 lb
360 Degrees

Jaw Design

Unique straight lower jaw design effectively enhances the cutting force by facilitating the spreading out of steel along the length of the jaw, maximizing the shear cutting force.

360° Rotation

Operator can spin the shear 360 degrees in either direction to quickly position the jaws for a cut.

Reversible Knives

The five main, side and front knives are fully reversible with four effective cutting edges.

Easy Maintenance

Large access panels on the top and bottom of the shear housing make it easier to service inside components.

Protected Cylinder

Design of the shear housing and cylinder rod guarding provides full protection of the cylinder throughout the complete cutting cycle.

Jaw Lockout Pin

Included with every shear to provide confidence that working in the jaw area is safe.

Speed Valve

Provides optimum flow regeneration to improve cycle times and machine productivity.

Mounting Options

Mounting options for the S308 Shear include a skid steer loader mounting bracket, a 7/8/9 ton stick mount, and a 5/6 ton boom mount bracket.

Included Service Kit

Each shear comes included with a service kit and tool box.