Skid Steer Loaders

Buy New Skid Steers Loaders in TN & MS

Machinery is the only place selling the company's newest and most advanced skid steer loaders for sale. If you're considering upgrading your fleet or replacing an aging machine, the current generation of Cat equipment is the most advanced yet. Buy a new skid steer loader at one of our convenient locations in Nashville, Memphis, Manchester, Jackson, Cookeville, Clarksville, Camden, Tupelo, Greenwood, Columbus or throughout Tennessee & Mississippi and benefit from integrated technology, refined controls, better fuel efficiency and a number of other productivity-enhancing features. View our full inventory of skid steer loaders for sale below or contact us for more information!

Today's Cat Equipment

Buying a new skid steer loader from TN's Thompson Equipment gives you the opportunity to get a machine that's customized to your specific needs. The current lineup of Cat skid steer loaders for sale ranges from the 226D, a compact and easy-to-transport choice, to the 272D2 XHP, a heavier-duty unit that still offers a small footprint and affordable cost of ownership.

All new Cat machines can be equipped with industry-leading features such as the Intelligent Leveling (ILEV) system, speed sensitive ride control and High Flow XPS hydraulic system. Add to that a wide selection of performance-matched work tools and other attachments, and a new Cat skid steer loader can be easily configured to meet the demands of any job.

Performance You Can Count On

The cumulative effect of the above benefits can be seen in several key performance areas:

  • Productivity: Sophisticated technology lets your crew work smarter, streamlining processes and reducing the amount of rework necessary in a complex job.
  • Safety: Low effort, ergonomic controls reduce fatigue, while specially designed cabins provide improved visibility. This means your crew gets the job done faster without putting themselves at risk.
  • Efficiency: Cat skid steer loaders are powered by cleaner burning engines that reduce emissions and fuel requirements. Additionally, by keeping your crew productive and safe, you'll see further gains in efficiency throughout the lifecycle of a major project.
  • Operating costs: Decreased liability, improved performance and more efficient processes all contribute to dramatically reduced overall operating costs — important benefits that are worth the cost of investing in a new skid steer loader.

Why Buy New?

Is buying a new Cat skid steer loader worth the extra expense compared to buying used? Here are a few things you only get when you purchase new:

  • 100% confidence that your purchase will be delivered to you in peak working condition.
  • The chance to customize your purchase and get the loader you want without compromise.
  • Future-proof compliance with regulatory requirements, as all new Cat skid steer loaders meet US EPA Tier 4 emissions standards.
  • Exclusive warranty support from Thompson Machinery, including 24/7 emergency service.

For more information about the benefits of buying a new skid steer loader, contact Thompson Machinery to speak with a sales representative directly.

70 Years of Heavy Equipment Expertise

Thompson Machinery has been matching clients with the latest and most innovative Cat equipment since 1944. Our clients agree — there's no better place to buy a skid steer loader in MS or TN. New or used, we back up everything we sell with factory-trained service and a commitment.